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Hotels In Singapore
  When arriving in Singapore, you will probably not have a house or apartment yet. You need accommodation straight away, so the most likely choice is a hotel.

Hotels in Singapore

Singapore has an abundance of hotels, ranging from top class to budget. That said, backpackers who are looking for a Bali-type $5 per day accommodation will look in vain. Hotel prices vary from thousands of dollars per night to as low as $30 per night, but you will not find anything cheaper than that. Most hotels are situated in the city center and provide full facilities and drinks/dining. Like most cities in Asia, hotels in Singapore also have some of the best clubs and bars in the city.


Probably the most famous hotel in Singapore, and one of the most famous in the world, is the Raffles Hotel on Beach Road. This colonial style hotel has been here for almost 100 years and is still going strong. The Raffles would also be considered to be (one of) the best hotels in Singapore. Furthermore, there is a wide range of other 5-star hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton Singapore, the Four Seasons Singapore, the Shangri-La Singapore (both in the city centre as well as on the recreation island Sentosa, with beautiful sea-view). Naturally, hotels such as Hilton, Hyatt, Mandarin, Pan Pacific etc. are also here. Prices for these hotels range from $150 to $500 per night

Mid Class

There are many very decent mid-class (business) hotels that offer very comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices such as the Plaza Park Royal, Golden Landmark or Traders Hotel. These hotels are mostly situated around Orchard Road, close to the business district and close to the nightlife scene. While these hotels might not be the perfect place for small children to entertain themselves, they are probably the best place to book a room if you're just moving here and need a comfortable, yet affordable place.


Low End

Singapore is not a backpacker location and hence, the very cheap accommodation such as available in other countries around Singapore is not available. You will not find a $5 a night hostel. There are, however, a certain number of hotels such as the Hotel 81 chain or the new 7th Storey Hotel, that offer cheap basic accommodation and those which try to cater to the growing number of backpackers stopping over in Singapore too. You will be able to find relatively cheap accommodation, somewhat like a hostel, for around $30 per night. These places are usually situated in Bugis, not far from the city center and conveniently connected by the MRT (Subway), examples are the Betelbox and the "InnCrowd" hostel. Most of these places sell cheap beers and have cheap foodcourts in their immediate surroundings, so visiting Singapore on a small budget is doable.

Discounted Hotel Rates

While the rates of the hotels range from $30 to $3000 per night, you can get attractive discounts on rates if you book online. Almost all hotels have their own online booking system and every hotel is represented by the numerous online booking agents. To make your life easier you could use a specialized search hotel search such as 'Bezurk' featured in the right column on this page.




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